Hidden price of free MySQL webinars

Although it is important I believe not many people bother themselves to read things like privacy policy. So keep in mind this line of MySQL Privacy Policy:

MySQL’s personnel and entrusted third parties may have access to the personal information you provide to us on a need-to-know basis from any country in which MySQL’s personnel is located.

And it is not a precaution ‘just in case’. Not only MySQL sales will start e-mailing or even calling you but their partners too. As soon as you subscribe for a webinar, ‘partners’ will get your contact data. Some of them have unsubscribe feature though unlike MySQL’s newsletters where unsubscribe means to change greeting from ‘Hello Alex’ to ‘Hello CONTACT_NAME’. 🙂

However I don’t really want to sound negative. MySQL webinars are very interesting and important for self-education. It is always helpful not only to listen to others experience but be able to ask questions some Chief DBA or VP of Engineering directly.

Just be aware what information to share – forewarned is forearmed.

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