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CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer

CSS3 is a great way to implement number of solutions and effects without extra images or complex JavaScript. And since it is already supported by modern browsers it’s being heavily utilized by front end developers. However there is a such thing like maintaining older browsers. This is where previous versions of Internet Explorer cause some troubles.

When dealing with IE7 support I ran into this awesome article: CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer. The great part is that the article not just covers everything I needed at that time and even more but also has embedded demos and describes possible drawbacks.

Without copy-pasting the whole article here is what covered there:

  • Opacity / Transparency
  • Rounded Corners (border-radius)
  • Box Shadow
  • Text Shadow
  • Gradients
  • Transparent Background Colors
  • Multiple Backgrounds
  • Element Rotation (CSS Tranformations)

In addition for those who has to deal with thorough IE support there is another article which outlines How To Create an IE-Only Stylesheet.