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If a binary tree wore pants…

Schrodinger’s backup

Schrodiner's backup

Hence “are you doing restores?” is a better question over “are you doing backups?”.

The Expert…

Buddy System


And here is a little more serious write up about the buddy system at SlideShare Engineering Blog.

Introducing JIRA Jr. Project Tracking… for Kids!

What is user story?

While most user stories in Agile are written in the form of “As a [type of user] I [want/can/am able to/need to/etc.] so that [some reason].” this is not always the case though. 🙂

What is user story?

Another perspective on SCRUM

My Blackberry Is Not Working!

Salesman interview or 13 x 7 is 28

Guide on how to understand English better

This hilarious guide can be actually used two ways:

  • it helps to understand the meaning hidden by some common phrases;
  • and it shows how to express yourself in a polite manner. 🙂

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