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Simultaneously with GRE Vocabulary I decided to release SAT Vocabulary. Applications have the same core and the same features. However SAT Vocabulary has its completed A-Z list of almost 5000 words.

At the same time GRE Vocabulary covers only letter A-D but already includes about 1500 words. I am still working on GRE words list and it looks it is going to be 10K+ words and definitions. But unfortunately downloads went extremely down – from about 200 on the first 24 hours it is hardly 20 per day now after 7 days on the Market.

Will see how it will work for SAT Vocabulary. It is already about 200 downloads in a few hours on the Market. Perhaps there are more people who is preparing for SAT rather than for GRE. Another advantage of SAT one that it has ‘all letters’ words.

In any way there is still a lot of work on some new features for both applications.

Update 7/12
: SAT Vocabulary appeared to be more popular than GRE one. It was downloaded almost 1000 times in a week on the Market which is already more than GRE Vocabulary after 2 weeks.

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  1. Pavlo Maistrenko on August 10th, 2010

    I like the thoroughness of your word list, but the soft lacks nice interface. I looked around and found PowerVicab the most attractive. I would be happy to help building similar functionality.

  2. Alexander on August 11th, 2010

    Hello Pavlo!

    Thank you for your feedback! I am planning to extend SAT Vocabulary with some new features soon.
    You are welcome to contribute code or vocabulary materials if you are willing to. That would definitely add value to the app.


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