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OpenSQL Camp 2009 in Portland, ORDeveloping a new section at this blog I would like to post information about one more database related event.

OpenSQL Camp 2009 will be an un-conference style get together for people interested in Open Source Databases. They are not focusing on any specific project, and hope to see representatives from a variety of open source database projects attend. It is taking place in Portland, OR on November 13-15.

Currently announced sessions are:

1 Virtual Pivot Tables in SQLite – Brian Duggan
2 BLOB handling and storage using MySQL/Drizzle and the PBMS engine – Barry Leslie
3 Checking MySQL’s replication sync with Ma’atkit tools – Sheeri K. Cabral
4 The wiki database – Domas Mituzas
5 The architecture & roadmap for mod_ndb – J.D. Duncan
6 Implementation of the new SQL parser in mod_ndb – Tulay Muezzinoglu
7 Developing a Universal Storage Engine API – Bradley C. Kuszmaul
8 xtrabackup – tricks beyond backup , Vadim Tkachenko
9 Sphinx – tricks beyond fulltext , Vadim Tkachenko
10 Performance is about Response time , Vadim Tkachenko
11 Redis – The missing piece of the puzzle – Morgan Tocker
12 What MySQL is bad at – Morgan Tocker
13 memcached and the database – Patrick Galbraith and Matt Ingenthron
14 Comparing non-relational databases: CouchDB, Tokyo Tyrant, MongoDB
15 A completely versioned schema – Ben Hengst
16 An Introduction to MongoDB – Mike Dirolf
17 Maatkit’s Swiss Army Knife: mk-query-digest – Baron Schwartz
18 Solving problems by writing Drizzle Plugins – Monty Taylor

The good news that it is free (unlike NoSQL East Conference). But the bad news are that space is limited to 120 attendees and only 7 places are still available at the moment.

Once again I hope to see some video or audio materials from this event.

Update 10/26: 10 more spaces are available now, i.e. total will be 130 instead of 120.

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