NoSQL East Conference

The NoSQL movement has been gaining some steam lately, with discussion forums and blogs popping up all around the web. Now NoSQL East conference is planned in Atlanta, GA on October 28-30. The focus is promised to be on real world use cases and high level overview of architecture.

Currently they have announced the following speakers and topics:

Arin Sarkissian (Digg): Cassandra
Kevin Smith (Hypothetical Labs): Redis
Kevin Weil (Twitter): Pig
Chris Curtin (Silverpop): Cascading
John Hornbeck (Engine Yard): MongoDB
Mike Miller (Cloudant): CouchDB
Cliff Moon (Microsoft / Powerset): Dynomite
Justin Sheehy (Basho): Riak
Mark Gunnels (Catamorphic Labs): HBase
Tim Anglade (af83): tin
Emil Eifrem (Neo Technology): Neo4j
Geir Magnusson (Gilt Groupe): Project Voldemort
Yuan Yu (Microsoft Research): Dryad/DryadLINQ
John Corwin (Yahoo!): Sherpa

The conference will take place in Georgia Tech Research Institute – Conference Center. Although this event has some good sponsors it is not that cheap as it could be in the open source world. So it should be possible to sign up with a promo code Stammy250 and save $50.

Unfortunately I am not sure if I am able to attend this event. Hopefully there will be some video or slide casts available later. For example Bryan Fink shared his presentation on the riak web-shaped data storage engine which was a part of New York NoSQL mini-conference on October 5th, 2009.

P.S.: I am not affiliated with anyone of the conference organizers. However I believe it is always good to see what’s going on in the world of databases as well as to learn RDBMS disadvantages and ways how to avoid or fix them.

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