Android file transfer

It’s been a while since Android is out but apparently there is still no way to connect an Android device to a Mac OS computer without extra efforts.

If you ran into this problem then look no further as Google has an official Android File Transfer desktop app. No need for any third party solutions.


P.S.: It is interesting how it says: “For Mac users only. You don’t need extra software to connect your Android device to a Windows computer.”

SAT Vocabulary made it to

Another win for SAT Vocabulary as it has been selected to be listed on among other sites and apps for ACT/SAT preparation.


It’s #59 out 100 but still a huge success for the app!

Introducing JIRA Jr. Project Tracking… for Kids!

MySQL: sort by case sensitive varchar

Figuring out how to apply unique index on a case sensitive varchar column turned out to be only a part of the solution.

Another thing to take into account is sorting. Once a column is case sensitive, ORDER BY starts working in a bit different way:


To address this ORDER BY should look as follows:

SELECT name FROM file

In this case the result set is sorted “as usual”:


Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

This is famous 15 minute animated presentation about Agile Product Ownership.
While this is obviously a high level summary, it still gives a valuable insight about Agile and Product Owner role.

MySQL 5.6: Improvements

Very detailed list of MySQL 5.6 improvements from Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona.

A few to name:

  • Optimized row based replication
  • Replication utilities for failover and admin
  • Improved EXPLAIN (e.g. explain for UPDATE/DELETE queries)
  • Explicit partition selection in queries (e.g. SELECT * FROM employees PARTITION (p0, p2);)
  • Full text search index for Innodb
  • Microsecond TIME precision

Although MySQL 5.6 is still development release, I think it is not too long before it becomes GA.

Speech preparation

Though it is somewhat obvious but still a good formula to follow when preparing for any kind of speech or presentation.

How not to organize your email campaign

As Google Play store makes developer email available to anyone, it is expected to get a lot of spam. Occasionally it is something related to Android ecosystem itself. For example, like one from Aptoide which caught my attention as it reminded me about my experience with MySQL Webinars unsubscribe.

What Scrum Master Should Not Say

A great way to learn or improve something is to look at anti-patterns. Watching how NOT to act is not just funny but does a great job at explaining Scrum Master do’s and dont’s.

PHPUnit: how to run specific tests

There might be a need to run a specific test or a subset of tests. Either it is just debugging a broken test or a new method or organizing tests into a suite.

A simple way to do that would be via ––filter switch:
phpunit ––filter testSomething

Alternatively a test can be tagged as belonging to a group using the @group annotation like this:

class MyTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
     * @group testGroup
    public function testSomething()

Tests can be selected for execution based on groups using ––group switch:
phpunit ––group testGroup

An extra benefit of the @group annotation is that ––exclude-group switch also allows to ignore groups of tests.

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