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Heathrow Terminal 5 – 27th October 2010

Amazing video how arriving passengers were given a welcome home to remember from T-Mobile at Heathrow Terminal 5.

A Day in the Life of Facebook Operations

Tom Cook gives an amazing talk at Velocity 2010 on a day in the life of Facebook operations.
Learn the numbers behind Facebook (400 million of users and growing!), how the code is pushed, what tools are used to monitor the servers and many other interesting stuff behind the scenes.

Hidden price of free MySQL webinars

Although it is important I believe not many people bother themselves to read things like privacy policy. So keep in mind this line of MySQL Privacy Policy:

MySQL’s personnel and entrusted third parties may have access to the personal information you provide to us on a need-to-know basis from any country in which MySQL’s personnel is located.

And it is not a precaution ‘just in case’. Not only MySQL sales will start e-mailing or even calling you but their partners too. As soon as you subscribe for a webinar, ‘partners’ will get your contact data. Some of them have unsubscribe feature though unlike MySQL’s newsletters where unsubscribe means to change greeting from ‘Hello Alex’ to ‘Hello CONTACT_NAME’. 🙂

However I don’t really want to sound negative. MySQL webinars are very interesting and important for self-education. It is always helpful not only to listen to others experience but be able to ask questions some Chief DBA or VP of Engineering directly.

Just be aware what information to share – forewarned is forearmed.

How to build a company where the best software developers want to work

Joel Spolsky shared his ingenious formula on how to build a company where the best software developers want to work with the world.

It is extremely simple though. 🙂

The best company formula

Fortunately not only Fog Creek Software uses this approach.

MIT: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

It is always interesting to see how other universities teach their students.
Thanks to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) open courseware – lecture #1 of ‘Introduction to Computer Science and Programming’ (Fall 2008) is available online. This lecture (53.5 minutes) covers goals of the course, what is computation, introduction to data types, operators, and variables.

How to get sound from YouTube video

Sometimes it could be very convenient just to listen instead of sitting and watching. Especially if it is an interview or a lecture.

There is a very simple and fast service Media Converter which supports not only YouTube and allow to convert files up to 100Mb for free.

Evening Hail…


P.S.: there were bigger ones…

Shortcut to open the right click context menu

It turned out that my new keyboard does not have the context menu key:
right click context menu

That’s why I was curious if there is any shortcut to open the right click context menu. Sometimes it is very convenient to be able to open context menu using keyboard. It was simple to find the right one.

The answer is: Shift+F10 (for Windows).

All roads lead to Rome

P.S.: next stop could be Athens. Who knows? 🙂

Google data center tour

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