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Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

This is famous 15 minute animated presentation about Agile Product Ownership.
While this is obviously a high level summary, it still gives a valuable insight about Agile and Product Owner role.

MySQL 5.6: Improvements

Very detailed list of MySQL 5.6 improvements from Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona.

A few to name:

  • Optimized row based replication
  • Replication utilities for failover and admin
  • Improved EXPLAIN (e.g. explain for UPDATE/DELETE queries)
  • Explicit partition selection in queries (e.g. SELECT * FROM employees PARTITION (p0, p2);)
  • Full text search index for Innodb
  • Microsecond TIME precision

Although MySQL 5.6 is still development release, I think it is not too long before it becomes GA.

Speech preparation

Though it is somewhat obvious but still a good formula to follow when preparing for any kind of speech or presentation.

How not to organize your email campaign

As Google Play store makes developer email available to anyone, it is expected to get a lot of spam. Occasionally it is something related to Android ecosystem itself. For example, like one from Aptoide which caught my attention as it reminded me about my experience with MySQL Webinars unsubscribe.

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