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Motivation – take daily

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.

Zig Ziglar, motivation speaker.

MySQL: Optimizing Stored Routines

Roland Bouman published his presentation for the MySQL User Conference and Expo 2010 on optimizing MySQL stored routines. His recommendations are based on test measurements using benchmark() function.

The summary is short but could be very useful.

Optimizing Stored Routines

MySQL: stored procedure return statement

It is a bit confusing that MySQL function supports return statement but stored procedure does not.

However there is LEAVE statement which can serve the same goal:

this statement is used to exit the flow control construct that has the given label. It can be used within BEGIN … END or loop constructs (LOOP, REPEAT, WHILE).

For example the stored procedure below returns the passed number only if it is non-zero:

  vTestNum INT
IF vTestNum = 0 THEN
SELECT vTestNum;

MySQL: Insert delayed gotcha within stored procedures

There are many restrictions on stored routines and triggers. However it turned out though a query is fallen under the restrictions it may not cause an error message but simply work a different way. So developers may not be aware that their queries do not work as expected.

For example, inserts cannot be delayed within stored procedures BUT INSERT DELAYED syntax is accepted. The statement is handled as a normal INSERT though.

Working on the task which involved high insert load, we debated either utilize delayed insert or regular one. Later it turned out that delayed insert was not even an option. Thus stay on guard and don’t let MySQL to confuse you. πŸ™‚

Android at the Google campus

In Mountain View, California there’s a building on the Google campus with an Android statue in front of it, positioned among dessert-themed sculptures that illustrate the major platform releases to date.

Android at the Google campus

jQuery Dropdown Check List

The Dropdown Check List is extremely nice and stable jQuery widget developed by Adrian Tosca. It transforms a regular select HTML element into a dropdown checkbox list.

jQuery Dropdown Check List

Check out the demo page or go immediately to the download one.

MySQL: 10x Performance Improvements

Ronald Bradford has shared slides for his presentation at FOSDEM 2010. This presentation covers monitoring, reviewing and analyzing SQL, the art of indexes, improving SQL, storage engines and caching.

My favorite slide is #46:

The best performance improvement for an SQL statement is to eliminate it.



It seems like Cory Foy has invented a new IT title while he was criticizing recently announced Certified Scrum Developer Program:

CTISTAC – Certified That I Sat Through A Class


Happy Easter

Happy Easter

T-Shirt Wars

P.S.: hundredth post!

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