The Rise and Fall of .Ly

Pretty interesting and insightful article on Priceonomics blog on how TLD can correlate with a complex situation in the real world.

Some notable quotes:


It was also decided that some top level domains would correspond to the geographic location of a computer. These are known as country code top level domains. The first of these country code TLDs were: .us (US), .uk (UK), and .il (Israel) in 1985, followed by .au (Australia), .de (Germany), .fi (Finland), .fr (France), .jp (Japan), .kr (Korea), .nl (Nederlands) and .se (Sweden). All the countries the International Standards Organization listed in the ISO-3166 got their own domain, provided there was an appropriate entity to claim authority over it.


The government domains are distributed between the two parties and it depends on who has the password which allows them to change the details of the domain.


The nation of Tuvalu licensed their suffix, “.tv”, to Verisign in exchange for $10 million up front, and $2.2 million annually. That annual fee makes up about 10% of the small island government’s total revenue. Tuvalu’s government has literally paved their streets with domain name money.


Britain’s history of colonialism over the 1,000+ tiny islands that make up the British Indian Ocean Territory is complex, and it isn’t clear where the registry money is going nor whom it benefits.

Dog feeds a lamb with a bottle

Pretty amazing how this springer spaniel is trained to help those lambs.

More info and photos:

The power of words

Not only Toastmasters International 2015 winning speech but also a powerful message by Mohammed Qahtani.

The Expert…

Spotify engineering culture, part 2

Part 2 of the animated video describing Spotify engineering culture is finally out! Also check out part 1 first if you haven’t already seen it.

Cat with line numbers

“cat” has always been an easy way to quickly look up a relatively small text file. However sometimes there is a need to have line numbers displayed too.

This is how it is done with cat:

cat -n file.txt

or even

cat file.txt | nl

Orange ElePHPant

It finally arrived after about six months of waiting since respective Kickstarter project announcement. Thank you Eli White and php[architect]!


SAFe in 7 minutes

A short video that explains in details what Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is as well as defines new terminology.

Spotify Engineering Culture

A valuable insight into Spotify engineering culture that has been influencing Agile adoption by other teams and companies. This is Part 1 and Part 2 hasn’t been recorded yet. Stay tuned to Spotify Labs.

Startup ideas

Apparently there is a very straight forward way to figure out an idea for your next startup. :-)


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